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The community vaccination centre at Yau Oi Sports Centre, Tuen Mun commenced operation today

The Secretary for Food and Health, Sophia Chan, visited the community vaccination center of the Tuen Mun Yau Oi Sports Centre operated by Human Health at around 12 noon today. Yau Oi Sports Centre is one of the largest community vaccination centers in Hong Kong, and it operated smoothly on the first day. At present, there are 18 vaccination rooms in the center, and it is estimated that about 3,000 doses of vaccines can be vaccinated every day. The professional medical team of Human Health hopes to contribute to the protection of public health during the pandemic, by vaccinating the citizens as soon as possible in order to establish herd immunity, and to enable society resume normal operations gradually.

According to government statistics, a total of nearly 380,000 people have made appointments for vaccination. Community vaccination centers operate from 8am to 8pm every day. If necessary, citizens can go to the government's online appointment system to accept appointments.

If the elderly need assistance in making an appointment, they can contact the nearest elderly centre, or ask for assistance at the post office or the office of the public housing estate where they live.

In addition, all our medical centers have participated in the government's COVID-19 vaccination programme. People who belong to the priority group are welcome to call or visit the general medical center to register for free vaccination.