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Know more about HPV Vaccine

According to statistics in 2016 from the Hospital Authority, there are 510 new cases of cervical cancer each year and 151 people die from cervical cancer. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the causes of cervical cancer, and there are 2 peaks of HPV infection of Female: 26-30 and 46-55 years old.



Both men and women have the risk of HPV infection and the possibility of suffering from related diseases.


HPV infection can cause the following diseases:



Anal Cancer

Anal Cancer

Genital Warts

Genital Warts

There is also a chance that your partner may get cancer and genital warts  due to HPV infection

Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer


Cervical cancer


The risk of HPV infection in men is becoming more common around the world


Any methods to prevent Cervical Cancer?

1.Quit smoking
2.Use condom for reducing risks of HPV infection
3.Regular cervical cancer screening (Pap Test)
4.HPV vaccines injection


About HPV Vaccine

Human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV vaccine for short, also known as cervical cancer vaccine) is a preventive vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer and other cancers and diseases caused by HPV infection. Both men and women can be vaccinated.


HPV 4-in-1 vaccine and 9-in-1 vaccine are commonly used in Hong Kong, which are prescription drugs and can only be used after clinical evaluation by a registered doctor.


  4 in 1 HPV Vaccine 9 in 1 HPV Vaccine
HPV types that are approved by HKDOH 6、11、16、18 6、11、16、18、31、33、45、52、58
Indicated Age

Aged 9 or above

(Both Male & Female)

Aged 9 or above

(Both Male & Female)
Recommend dosage in Hong Kong

Aged 9 to 14: 2 doses

Aged 14 or above: 3 doses

Aged 9 or above: 3 doses

(Born before 31 Oct 2016)

Aged 9-14: 2 doses

Aged 15 or above: 3 doses

(Born after 31 Oct 2016)



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