Seminar and Events
"Marathon Preparation – How Running Affects your Body and Heart" seminar
Date 2019-11-04
Time 19:00

Marathon are gaining popularity in recent years. As running a marathon demands extreme endurance, it could put your body and heart under strain and therefore it is not for everyone.

Runners have to be well-prepared by understanding the body condition, and knowing how to prevent common running injuries.

Human Health held a seminar, "Marathon Preparation – How Running Affects your Body and Heart", on November 4, 2019 at the Hong Kong Culture Centre. The speaker, cardiologist Dr. Li Cho Shan, Hong Kong Registered Physiotherapists Mr. Chiu Cheuk Pong, Bond and Mr. Poon Tsz Hin, shared the cardiac risks associated with marathon running, and pre- and post-race strategies.